ESI is a technology company, created with the intent of support companies, making them more competitive and profitable. We carry through I&D projects, for improvement of processes and equipment creation. We apply our  know-how and imagination in the aim of innovate."



The acronym ESI is the reflection of our company philosophy. We use the different engeneering branches as base to generate solutions. The innovation is a required resource in business. We delivery studies of production with the purpose of problem-solving, automation and accelation of processes in order reduce costs and create value.




We act in the most varied industries.

Food, Automobile, Metal Mechanics, Medical, Polymers, Construction, Woods, Corks 





Personal delivery to the work that we develop.



Our bet is the quality.

More than a constant objective perfection is our dna.



Every relation that we establish is based on ethics and integrity principles.

We establish bonds of trust.



In order to provide a human and real approach to our costumer, our team it's 100% avaliable to answer our customer.



The investigation and development (I&D) can and must be use for industries to improve their systems/methods, to be a general progress in the internal processes and organizational of the company, which allows the reduction of costs and the creation of value.




By using the advantages of that there is the latest technological level on the market in the diverses sectors of activity, the company  not only should invest in development of news products but also improve the processes and the existing products; the company has thus better chances to impose on an evolution market.