KUKA is one of the main world-wide manufacturers in the area of the Robotics. We are official integrators of robots German KUKA, brand nº1 in the industry automobile. The associated German technology to the know-how of our engineers, had been a fusing of large sucess that allows any industry to increase its indices of yield. The amortization of this type of projects walks between 1 to 3 years, being thus one of the investments more profitable at present.
At present, we are to apply robots in the global industry, with large productivity that provide quick amortizations. ESI has a body of engineering capable to develop the most complex robotized systems. We project, we produce and we install the tools of the Robots and all the peripherals related with the security. We programming of the Robots, conceived in accordance with the process in cause.


One of the biggest specialists of funding in TI, independent of the banks and not tied with any manufacturer. Technological equipment financing. With GRENKE RENTING you have the European specialist of financing to its side.


ATEC, Industry Formation Academy, is a company whom it intends to develop and to perfect abilities through the formation and qualification of people, being used advanced methods and equipment, with the objective to exceed the expectations of the market. It acts in different areas of the formation in Portugal, being distinguished in the professional formation of young as well as in formation in areas very specialized and techniques, such as Automation, Home automation and Robotics.


We form a strategical partnership with TecMinho (Agency of Innovation of the Minho University ), which have already resulted some projects and patents.
Founded in 1990, TecMinho it is an association of private law without lucrative ends, having had as promotional the Minho University and the Association of Municipalities of Vale do Ave. Its basic mission consists of consisting as a structure of interface of that university, promoting its linking to the society, contributing for the regional development through the improvement of competitiveness of the organizations and increase competencies of the individuals.
It acts in different areas of the formation in Portugal, being distinguished in the professional formation of young as well as in formation in areas very specialized and techniques, such as Automation, Home Automation and Robotics.


The DAJ is a company specialized in the fulfillment and accompaniment of engineering projects and architecture for the construction, with one side fort in the analysis of the functional performance and the sustainability.The company, with headquarters in Oporto, has in its portfolio the most varied types of intervention in workmanships in Portugal, Angola, S. Tomé and Príncipe and Brazil.
This diversity of interventions, throughout these years, has debtor to the constant update of knowledge through the inquiry and has brought to the company and the people who with it collaborate only chances of learning that if they translate the high capacity technique and of intervention of the same one in the different projects of architecture, engineering and consultancy support.


SAport is a private company, with headquarters in the Superior School of Biotechnology of the Portuguese Catholic University.
As specialists in consultancy in the areas of the Quality and security food, Nutrition and Management and Engineering in the Agro-Feed sector, we bet in the Innovation as factor key for the sucess of our Projects.
We are a team to multidiscipline that it acts of articulated form, constituted of technician graduated Eng. Agro-Alimentary, Eng. Biological and Biotechnological, Microbiology, Nutrition, Alimentary Quality and Veterinary medicine.
We add value to our services for the incorporation of Information Technology, in order to provide differentiation to our clients and to ensure a good management and organization of its companies.


FoodInTech has as main activity the development of information technologies, conceived to support the companies in the sector agri - food in its transformation operations.

It presents a set of solutions inspired by the real context of the companies, in accordance with the some protocols of contribution that has with main the intervening ones in the sector of the alimentary industry.

As result of its department of I&D + i, has already available in the market a specific set of solutions and directed the companies agro-alimentary.

The computer application SIGA production management, it represents the base for the integration of a set of technologies, supporting the strategy: information systems "Integration" Automation.